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Health Questionnaire

Last Name: ______________________________ First Name: ______________________________


Symptoms (Please check all that apply)

 General  Gastrointestinal  Cardiovascular  Genito-Urinary  Muscle/Bone/Joint
Fever  Anorexia  Chest Pain  Painful Urination  Joint Swelling
Chills  Nausea  Palpitations  Poor Urine Stream  Muscle Weakness
Sweats  Vomiting  Rapid Heart Beat  Incontinence  Others List
Insomnia Loose Stools  Shortness of Breath  Frequent Urination  ______________
Leg Swelling  Blood in Stool  Orthopnea  Blood in Urine  ______________
Weight Loss  Constipation  Fatigue  Foamy Urine  ______________
Dizziness  Reflux      ______________


Health Conditions (Please check all that apply)

AIDS (HIV disease) Anemia  Arthritis  Asthma  Allergies
Bleeding Problems Bronchitis  Cancer COPD (emphysema)  Cataracts
Diabetes Epilepsy  Glaucoma  Goiter  Gout
Gall Stones Heart Disease  Hepatitis  Headaches  High BP
High Cholesterol Incontinence  Jaundice  Kidney Stones Kidney Infections
Kidney Faliure Organ Transplant Prostate Problems  Stroke  Thyroid Disease
TB List Others      

List of Medications


Family Medical History

 Relation  Age  State of Health

 Age at Death
 Cause of Death Check if blood relatives have the following  Relationship
 Father          Hypertension  
 Mother          Kidney Disease  
 Brothers          Heart Disease  
 Sisters          Asthma  

Hospitalizations (including pregnancies and operations)

 Year  Hospital  Reason for Hospitalization

Allergies (Please List) _____________________________________________________________________________



Habits (check which substances you use and indicate how much)

Caffeine (Coffee)
Other Drugs